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Our Services

We create quality, custom furniture, casework, and millwork for commercial and residential clients. This is achieved by providing assistance and services in the four items listed below.

Assist with such items as professional drawings, color options, material options, current trends, feature/function definition and more.

  • Furniture – consists of movable items such as tables, desks, credenzas, shelves, podiums and more required for use or decor in a commercial or residential space.
  • Casework – refers to fixed cabinets or built-ins used for storage in commercial or residential buildings.
  • Millwork – applies to items such as moldings, trim, door & window frames, doors, windows, blinds, mantels, stairs and more.
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  • Solid wood. Species include: Maple, Cherry, Oak, Pine, Alder, Birch, Hickory, Mahogany, Walnut, Ebony, Ash, Beech, Elm, Chestnut, Butternut, Rosewood and Teak.
  • Wood-veneer. Thin sheet of wood that has been peeled from a log attached to the surface of plywood, MDF or particleboard. Wood-veneer is less expensive than solid wood and offers a uniform finish with patterns across surfaces.
  • Laminate/Melamine.  Board clad in a hard material composed of kraft paper, resins and coating that is attached to the surface of plywood or particleboard. It offers an easy to clean, durable product in many colors, patterns and textures.
  • Metal-veneer. This sheet of metal that can be applied to surfaces such as plywood, MDF or particleboard. Finishes include options like brass, bronze, copper, iron, nickel, silver, zinc, etc.
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Meet client non-product needs through project management, shipping/handling/delivery facilitation, product tracking/barcoding, production scheduling, deadlines and more.